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Diving Energy Alchemy


Online Courses available.

I have now added a HEAP of options for you to help you on your evolving journey.



Handcrafted Gemstone Jewellery -

One of a kind pieces for those who love the look, feel and energy of natures jewels. Set in a combination of tin and copper solder, I use a soldering technique called Tiffany Style. 


The Wholistic Lifestyle Audit - 

Find out different aspects of your life and what areas may need your love and attention. 

Find practices that work for you and self regulate your life - with the help from me if you need it. 

Meet your Chakras - 9 weeks

An outline and further information on the energetic makeup of you. Perfect for those beginning a conscious Spiritual journey, those who have entered the energy healing space and those who wish to take care of the WHOLE self. 

CTRL+ALT+DEL - Full Heart Living - 12 weeks

Women's online Journey where you can let your hair down, share your journey and pick up strategies to begin re-setting your life! Support and strategies for those who wish to grow and evolve Personally and Spiritually, no fluff just the real stuff! 

All of these courses are available as a ZOOM party or informative videos that will be sent to your email of choice. Please if you have any questions about any of these and whether they are suited to you, please reach out HERE.

Take care of yourselves and others,

all my love, 

Emily Pettigrew

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