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All Things Divine.

As a Divine Energy Alchemist, my passion is to help Women reconnect and understand their own capabilities of their own Energetic Power. What is it? How can you tap into it? How can it be draining you or filling you up?

You are so much more than a physical being. By understanding this and the different aspects that make you who you are and how you interact with the world around you, gives you back your power. 

Not the 'Mwah..haahhaaaaa.... (ego) POWER....!'

but that deep inner power that comes from unveiling your wisdom, your boundaries and the sense of who you are. True empowerment that comes from reconnecting with the true Divine Essence of your Soul. 

What I’m really passionate about is passing on knowledge to women, to hand back their power, to nurture all areas of their lives, not just the physical body but your emotional, social, environmental, occupational, intellectual and the spiritual areas of your life. Wholistic Self-Care and what it means to honour your WHOLE self - in turn, helps to understand and unleash the STRONG, HAPPY, RESILIENT and EMPOWERED woman that is inside you.


My gorgeous handcrafted products help to support you on your self healing and self discovery mission! When you have awareness of different areas in your life, you can take steps to bring harmony to your life that are in line with your values, thus making it easier to incorporate into your life.

Learn to be the observer in your life without judgment, guilt or shame

and begin to create a life you love.


You deserve to love your life and be Happy.


When we start filling our own cup, we bring in Happiness, Harmony and Healing to our world.

It is quite extraordinary!!