Time Out!

This divine time out is for you to rebalance, realign and reduce your body's stress levels, allowing you to live from a place of peace, resilience and love. Working strongly with her intuition, an appointment with Emily can include therapeutic and relaxation massage, Natural Energy rebalancing (Reiki, Seichem, Tibetan Bowls, Crystals, Essential Oils, handcrafted Vibrational Aura mists and/or Meditations), NLP and/or Matrix Therapies and mentoring. Her aim is for you to leave an appointment, uplifted and with strategies and tools that you can use every day to self-regulate your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  

Time to BELIEVE you are important enough to look after!

Reiki Treatment
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Natural Energy Treatments - Reiki and Seichim 


Walk into a nurturing, healing space for you to relax and recover from the stress of life. Revel in up to an hour of peace and relaxation while your WHOLE body soaks up the stillness as you allow yourself to heal and restore energy. Starting with a mini reading with an Essential Oil deck, moving into a gorgeous combination of Reiki and Seichem energies, meditation, crystals, Tibetan singing bowls and handcrafted vibrational mists. Emily channels Universal energies that can help ease the stress from your mind, body, spirit and emotions, leaving you feeling relaxed and with insight and guidance on how to bring harmony into your world - this treatment helps you to feel re-aligned, re-balanced and resilient from the inside out.

45 min - 1 hour 90.00 

Distant healings require you to be comfortable in your own home. Communication before and after the treatment is crucial. Emily will perform a distance healing for you with a written up review and a phone call to follow up if you have any questions or experiences you would like to share. $80.00 

Sound Healing and Balancing using Tibetan singing bowls and crystals - 45 minutes of relaxation and energetic rebalancing, allowing you the time and space to reconnect to yourself.  $65.00

Womens Divine Nurturing Package - Energy Balancing Massage

60 min $90.00  -  90 min $130.00

Enter a relaxing sanctuary where you gain insight to areas of your life that need nurturing, healing and re-balancing. A time to reconnect with yourself. Starting your treatment we draw 3 Essential Oil cards, discover what these mean for you, these high-quality oils are then used to create your own personalised massage blend. Enjoy 60 minutes or 90 minutes of deep relaxation and therapeutic Ancient Heartworks Hawaiian massage technique, Lomi Lomi, which nurtures your whole body, releasing stress, overwhelm and tension. Incorporating the combination of the Reiki and Seichim energies, crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, handcrafted vibrational aura mists and meditation, to rebalance and realign your subtle energies, we then end with an opportunity to learn simple ways to hold the feelings of peace and calm with you in the everyday world before you blissfully float home! 

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