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                   What is Reiki & Seichim? 

                    REI – Universal Boundless, Transcendent Spirit, Soul, Divine, Sacred, Essence, Mysterious Power,

                  God’s Wisdom, Higher Power, Supernatural Knowledge, Spiritual Wisdom, Spiritual Consciousness

                     KI – Lifeforce Energy, Cosmic Energy, Spiritual Energy (also known as chi, qi, prana, mana, light)

                                              Together the meaning provides us with Spiritual Energy

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy, this is something which we all have as our birthright. Anyone can lay hands on another person and transmit magnetic life force energy.  It is believed that the technique was rediscovered by Doctor Mikao Usui, who found a way to channel this healing energy, which he named Reiki.  After seeing the positive benefits on the clients he saw, he then shared and taught the technique and thus the growth of Reiki started. It brings in the Male energy to the healing as it encompasses the energy of Dr Usui. 

Seichim or Sekhem means ‘might’ or ‘power of powers’ and is described and used as 'Living Light Energy'. It is a branch of Reiki and has similarities in the fact it is a form of natural energy you can unlock.

Similar to Reiki energy, Seichim is a deep energy healing technique that was channelled and rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler, a Reiki Master.

This energy is linked to The Goddess energy of both Sekhmet and Quan Yin, as it has the qualities of the Goddess, and it brings in the Female energy to the healing.

Sekhmet is the Egyptian lioness-headed Goddess of Destruction – Goddess of change and destroying what no longer serves you. She is the warrior Goddess of healing. 

Quan Yin is the Eastern Goddess of Compassion, therefore, bringing in the qualities of love, nurturing and compassion to Seichim.

This too is an ancient healing energy whose origins come from Ancient Egypt.


‘The Sekhem energy assists you in taking responsibility for your life: to heal, to grow both personally and spiritually and so you become more of who you really are’ – Helen Belot, Sekhem Master Teacher.


The combination of Reiki and Seichim during an energetic treatment holds the intent to rebalance and realign your natural energies, both physical and subtle. It is a totally safe, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique. As energetic beings ourselves, our everyday adventures can alter our energies, sometimes they have a 'positive' effect on us, and sometimes they have a 'negative' effect. 

The use of the Reiki and Seichim energies together allows for the male energy and female energy within us (as we all have both regardless of 'gender') to be balanced, restored and realigned, treating each client as a whole and leaving the client feeling at peace and back in connection with their body.


Reiki and Seichim have an intelligence of their own, it has a way of naturally flowing to the area where it is most needed. This means of course that every Energetic treatment is different and each individual receiving treatment will report differing sensations and effects, such as increased warmth, cold, or a tingling sensation. Some feel gloriously light and blissful, others may bring a release of tears. Some may see, hear or know messages throughout the session. Whatever the individuals experience, the general beneficial effect of the treatment is the same, with the recipient receiving the correct amount of energy to bring about the necessary changes to restore balance within.

Reiki and Seichim are not a religion as it holds no creed or doctrine.

In short, the Reiki gives you what you need, whether it is a release of tension or an energy boost or both. It is gentle, harmless, natural, healing, balancing, relaxing and energising.

* If you are interested in learning this Energy Modality, you can gain more information and book your seat to her next Training HERE. 

* If you would love to experience this Divine Energetic treatment, please contact Emily here to make an appointment or use

0402 887 598 to either leave a message or text your interest. 



Emily Pettigrew

*Please note - I am unable to refund gift certificates or workshop payments, however, you can use the value for store credit. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

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