Gemstone Jewellery

A gorgeous collection of one of a kind, handcrafted Jewels.

Using a soldering technique called Tiffany Style, guided by intuition and love of all things shiny, crystal and gemstone jewels are being created. Set in a combination solder of Tin and Copper, this soft soldering technique allows for a raw and perfectly imperfect style of setting. 

Bring Joy into your Life and Expand it Outwards
Time to Share Your Wisdom
ArchAngel Protection
Be Clear in Who You are Reflecting
Follow Your Heart
Flexible Planning
Divine Communication
Allow Love to Lead Your Way
Joy in Creation
Move Forward on a Firm Foundation
Awaken and Trust your Inner Wisdom
Flow of the Pisces Dream
Bond with the True Essence of who You Are
Stand with Strength as You Honour Your Emotions
Power Source
Balance the Heart
Mix it Up! 
The Strength of the Tiger
Acknowledge and Release Your Emotional Blocks
Golden Cord to the Angels
Stand and Encapsulate Your Feminine Power
You are Safe in Love
Power Up!
Inner Communication
Come Forth and Speak True
Look Past the Facade
Drop of the Sea
Pearls of Heart Wisdom
Through the Wisdom of Spirit

While all measures have been taken to ensure there are no sharp edges, being human I may have missed some! If this is the case simply gently file the area with a metal nail file. 

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