Divine Energy Alchemy session

Divine Energy Alchemy session


This is a Deep Dive session where we get to the root cause(s) of what is holding you back from stepping into and owning your Sovereignty and the CLEAR IT! 
Is it time to transcend the heaviness in your life and step into your worth and own your sovereignty again to really live your life? By diving deep and tapping into the Body's Divine Wisdom we can release the unconscious blocks that are holding you back.

Your session will include and not limited too;

* Kinesiology

* Matrix Therapy

* Personal & Spiritual Coaching 

* Energetic Template realignment

From these 90min - 2hr sessions, we find and clear limiting beliefs, core issues and energy blocks that are stopping you from moving from stress, overwhelm and the feeling of being stuck into the flow of your power, peace and feeling playful again. 

Working with your unconscious to release the resistance to honour the Soul's desires to thrive in this life. 

I offer a safe container for you to explore and honour yourself, together we put in place doable steps for you to go out to the world feeling strong, and alive, to bring back the passion to being YOU!

Let's work towards finding yourself again and realign you with your desires and the feeling of expansion and wholeness. 

As we delve into dismantling the blocks and work with your energy to empower you to step fully into your true nature. You don't have to do this alone, I am here with you, supporting you, validating you and being your biggest cheerleader until you become your own biggest cheerleader! 

Such rewarding and liberating transformations as we shed the old and embrace the magical glow within you.