Welcome  Gorgeous  Soul! 

i am Emily Pettigrew.

Welcome to the information page of All Things Divine.

I am an Inner Peace Warrior.   


My passion is to pass on knowledge that helps women to see and tap into, the 

Divine Essence and strength within them,

so they can live a life with open awareness. 

As Reiki Master and Teacher, I am in my element when working with natural energies. 

In my energy work, I love to balance and raise the vibration of my clients through all their senses. I created divine products incorporating Essential Oils that are intended to help support you nurture your body, mind and soul. My aim through these products is to rebalance and realign your subtle energies, helping you to remember the feeling of PEACE, CALM and being CENTRED. Through the affirmations channelled to each blend, this further sets the intention for the purpose of each vibrational spray. To access your INNER PEACE and STRENGTH, to take back your POWER and embrace positive changes that, in turn, renews your knowledge and resilience to keeping your life an AMAZING one!

Our range of products, All Things Divine, can be purchased to allow you to continue your nurturing self-care in the space of your own home. All of our products include high-grade Essential Oils. Australian Companies that are mindful of ethical sources and education and provide organic options where possible. 

Each recipe and blend has been formulated with a specific intention and works gently with your subtle energies, which compliments beautifully with the energy work Emily does one on one with her clients, both in-person, via distance healings and in her trainings and workshops. 

Our range of Vibrational Mists, which are handcrafted to order, are a blend of purified water, charged by the full moon, high-grade essential oils (organic where possible), Reiki, crystal and intention infused. 


Our gorgeous range of Bath Soaks and Scrubs are also handcrafted to order, with a divine blend of Epsom, Himalayan and Dead Sea salts, high-grade essential oils (organic where possible), organic ingredients added in the required blends. They are also Reiki infused and crystal charged.



Made with the intent to nurture and love your MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and SOUL.

What I’m really passionate about is passing on knowledge to women, to hand back their power, to nurture all areas of their lives, not just the physical body but your emotional, social, environmental, occupational, intellectual and the spiritual areas of your life. Wholistic Self-Care and what it means to honour your WHOLE self - in turn, helps to understand and unleash the STRONG, HAPPY, RESILIENT and EMPOWERED woman that is inside you.


My gorgeous handcrafted products help to support you on your self healing and self discovery mission! When you have awareness of different areas in your life, you can take steps to bring harmony to your life that are in line with your values, thus making it easier to incorporate into your life.

Learn to be the observer in your life without judgment, guilt or shame

and begin to create a life you love.


You deserve to love your life and be Happy.


When we start filling our own cup, we bring in Happiness, Harmony and Healing to our world.

It is quite extraordinary!!



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