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Welcome  Gorgeous  Soul! 
i am Emily Pettigrew,
your Divine Energy Alchemist. 

Starting a Journey of Self Discovery?

Trying to make changes can be hard when you are doing it by yourself and overwhelming when you don't know where to start.


Let's take the guesswork out, make it easy and bring about change with EMPOWERING steps that will set you up for success.


Working holistically together we upgrade, activate, and stabilise your energy and mindset that is in alignment with your true essence so you can co-create the life you desire. 

Living a Conscious Life...

As a Self-Mastery Educator, it’s my passion to remind my clients it is not about being ‘perfect', it’s about empowering your Self by bringing awareness to your Self; taking responsibility for your choices, actions and reactions.

Self-mastery is conscious living and honest self-reflection. Meeting your Self where you are at each moment. Getting through one day at a time. Taking the learnings and feedback from the previous day to be better, do better and move forward in your life in a way you feel proud and peaceful.

 Through working with Emily, she will meet you where you are. Working with you on clearing the 'dross' from your body, mind and soul. Empowering you with simple tools for you to self-regulate your own mindset and energies enabling you to thrive in your life.


When we show ourselves we are worthy of what we desire, we create healthy boundaries for ourselves, remember and reconnect to the divine wisdom within us, empowering us to know how to become 'unstuck' and lose the feeling of being 'lost' in our lives.  


Together, in a safe container, Emily shares ways how to get out of your own way, and how to alchemise energies enabling you to feel stabilised and centred in your truth. Clearing old beliefs and habits while upgrading the energies in and around you. 

step into your power by learning how to know, like and trust yourself again. 

*Please note - I am unable to refund gift certificates or workshop payments, however, you can use the value for store credit. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

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Not sure where to begin?


Not sure what you're looking for? There are lots of options to choose from, here are a couple of the most popular ones. 


Reiki and Seichim

Information about the modality and trainings. 


Holistic Coaching

Alchemising your blocked and stuck energy, lighting the way to coming Home. 



Learning ways to Connect to Self and the World around You with Peace. 

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