Save the dates for 2021

* Reiki & Seichim Practitioner 3 day Training - held in Mornington
Aug 6th - 8th
Sept 17th - 19th

* Seichim Practitioner Certification - 4-hour Training 
(pre-requisite Reiki Practitioners certificate)
held in Mornington
Thursday 5th Aug 10.00 - 2.00

Thursday Sept 16th 10.00 - 2.00

* Get to know your Chakras - held in Mornington
June 21st - August 9th

Usui Reiki and Seichim Master/Teacher Training

Where- Mornington
When - October 16th - 17th 
PRE-REQUISITE - Reiki & Seichim Practitioner Level
If you are interested in this and only have your Reiki Practitioner certificate, please contact Emily HERE to gain your Seichim attunements. 
Master Training is a divine way to really enhance your energy healing journey. A true Reiki Master understands that the word MASTER is about mastering themselves. Therefore the Reiki Master guides others to help them master themselves, reminding them that each of us is responsible for our own spiritual, mental and emotional growth and healing. When you choose to complete your Reiki and Seichim Master level, you are given the tools to empower yourself, to continue your own healing journey whether it involves healing others or not.

Remembering to always be humble in this growth and that the word MASTER does not imply that you have 'mastered life and healing' which does not always exist. It is simply meaning you are living in the awareness of the continuation of learning and growth.

(If you have not been attuned to Seichim and would love to be, and to do my Masters, please contact me. XXX)


- 2 days of training, theory, practical, step by step procedures, fun, giving and receiving healings.
- Summary of Levels I & II
- Receive attunements
- Learn how to teach the 3 degrees
- Passing on 2 symbols
- Overview of personal set up and room set up
- Step by step procedures
- Lots of HANDS-ON practice!
- Take home an in-depth manual
- Vegetarian snacks
Course duration
2 days - 8 people max
Sat 9.30 registration - 5.00pm
Sun 10.00 - 4.30pm
Investment of Reiki and Seichim Masters
$450 Total
$100 non-refundable enrolment fee
$350 payable before course commences
For deposit payment please email me: for your invoices

MY GOAL FOR YOU - To better understand the modality, feel more prepared for clients, be comfortable to pass on this divine wisdom to more lightworkers!