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Reiki & Seichim training

Reiki & Seichim training


I am honoured to be passing on this divine energy healing technique, and all it has to offer, with you. I teach both Reiki and Seichim energy methods. The two energies are a beautiful balance between male energy and female energy which I feel brings harmony and unity to the client and their own energy field, invoking a wonderful rebalancing to those who receive. I trust that the beautiful group (6 MAX) that will come together, will be there to support each other and look forward to starting this journey of healing with a beginner's mind and a heart full of love!
Learning this combination of healing is perfect for those people drawn to want to help others, themselves and the world around them. Reiki and Seichim opens, expands and heightens your ability to tap into the natural energies around you and use them for the highest good of all.
We will be exploring-

* The history and Level I attunements of Reiki & Seichim
* Discussing the principles and philosophies
* Meditation
* Chakra information
* Psychic Senses
* Working with energy
* Demonstrating and practice of hand positions for Healing the Healer (self-healing)
* Introducing our Reiki & Seichim lineage
* Practical work, giving and receiving Self healings
* Extensive take-home manual
* Reiki Journal
* 14 hours training
* Introducing an upgraded YOU... walking into the world with a deeper connection to Self 

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