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Reiki & Seichim Practitioners training

Reiki & Seichim Practitioners training


PRE-REQUISITE - Reiki & Seichim LEVEL I certification

Embark on the journey of Reiki Level 2 to enhance your ability to facilitate healing for yourself and those around you.

In our workshop, we delve deeper into the art of Reiki & Seichim, empowering you with techniques to amplify your energy flow, administer distant healing, and facilitate profound healing on emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical planes.

This transformative experience will initiate you into the realm of Level 2 Reiki & Seichim healing energy, equipping you with the knowledge to harness this universal force for healing and relaxation. Reiki & Seicim Level 2 sets the foundation for those aspiring to practice Reiki professionally, making it an essential milestone in your Reiki journey.

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