Wholistic Lifestyle Audit

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Have you ever felt great in some aspects of your life and then something falling flat in other aspects, and find it frustrating not knowing how to bring the harmony back into your life? We are very complex creatures, so let's break it down and make it easier for you to understand and empower yourself to create the harmony you want.


The Wholistic Lifestyle Audit is an easy way for you to determine what areas of your life may be in need of rebalancing. Allowing you to think, see and understand how different areas can influence your life, relationships health and wellbeing.


What better way to empower yourself than by being aware and exploring 7 aspects of your life and gaining understanding and strategies of each area, you can then delve deeper and take action to recalibrate and bring harmony back into your life. 


Being energetic and vibrational beings ourselves, we are going to pick up energies in our everyday adventures that can alter our subtle and not so subtle energy. Sometimes they have a 'positive' effect on us, making us feel good and confident and other times they can have a 'negative' effect on us making us feel tired and overwhelmed. When we learn how to tune in and reconnect with ourselves, we can then pinpoint and take positive action to recalibrate with love and be the best version of ourselves.


Understand that we are all at different stages in our growth and treating each other with kindness, love and respect allows us to feel safe, seen and heard. Due to our different upbringings and our different perceptions to our different experiences - or sometimes same experiences - we can gain an understanding as to why we and others react and 'tick' differently. With this, we can give space and appreciation for our own growth and the growth of others.

This Wholistic Lifestyle Audit will allow you to become aware and reflect on different areas of your life, educate you on how these can affect your lifestyle, supply you with tools to boost areas that need attention, enable you to track your progress and keep it real.

Once you know what areas need love, you are given some strategies and further information on what that means for you. The next step is the step that is in your hands. You can choose from suggested action steps that you can work through that best suits your values and lifestyle. 

Offered as part of my 10-month Mentoring, or delivered in a one day workshop.

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