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Sun Catchers & Room Energisers

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Using a soft soldering technique called Tiffany Style this is a collection of handcrafted, one of a kind Sun Catchers. Using a tin and copper solder, this technique allows for a raw and perfectly imperfect style of setting. Some pieces are enhanced with a black patina for an aged look. Guided by intuition and intention these come together to create beautiful crystal and gemstone decor for your space.  

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While all measures have been taken to ensure there are no sharp edges, being human I may have missed some! if this is the case simply gently file the area with a metal nail file.
 **Please note- NO REFUNDS on broken gemstones, they may have natural flaws and may crack. **Happy to fix any handcrafted breakages. **Happy to offer STORE  CREDIT if unsatisfied with your purchase T&C apply. (return postage to be paid by customer, item must be in the same condition that was sold. **Alterations can be done with added fee. 
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