Ultimate Feeling Goal - vision board creation, 1/2 day

Ultimate Feeling Goal - vision board creation, 1/2 day


✨✨SATURDAY JUNE 11th 2022 ✨✨

1/2 day Reflection and Intention workshop.


In times you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frazzled this is a powerful and beautiful tool to remind you how to stay focussed and in harmony with your world.

Come and join us for meditation and tap into your Divine Body Wisdom to find your focus for this coming year.

Creating and working with a vision board FILLED with feeling and intention can help anchor you daily to your ultimate feeling. To help you conquer overwhelm and stress and gain clarity and focus on where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Creating and working with a vision board and personalised manifesto that is infused with feelings and intent, will anchor you DAILY to your Ultimate Feeling and with this; the direction to the life you want to live.

We will be covering

* Meditation and sound healing

* Self reflection

* intention setting
* Tap into universal energy by making a powerful statement to the Universe
* Gain clarity on what's been sabotaging your happiness
* Create your own manifesto
* Make some magic and as you align your energy to call in your Ultimate Feelings with all the positive 'side effects'!
* All materials are provided, chai and vegetarian snacks

Power in connection and numbers!
Whenever we come together as a group to do soul work we multiply the energy exponentially! This work is great to do as a group, to inspire, encourage and support each other. Unlock your own inner power to align your vibration to be ready to receive and create the life you wish to have.
This event is for those who are truly ready to step up and co-create the life they desire.
Expect a day of inner reflection and intention, healing, relaxation, connection and fun as you bring energy and focus into creating the life you want. I am ready... are you!!??