Reflect, Balance and Love.

Reflect, Balance and Love.


Reflect negativity, bring in Balance and Divine Love.


Fluorite – *Great for mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making and helps to clear the energy fields. *It can be used as a psychic ‘vacuum cleaner’, clearing out and restructuring the atmosphere of confusion and cluttered thoughts, negativity and any sort of astral hangers on who are making mischief in one’s environment. *Great to use in meditation as it helps to attune to higher guidance resulting in clearer messages. *Helps to align and balance your energy field which in turn can extend out to your physical presence.


Rose Quartz- *The divine Crystal of love. *It’s soft energy surrounds and enters your body and helps you to see the world as whole and as love. *Representing Love, Friendship, Compassion and relaxation, its energy is soft and gentle. *Helps you to give love to yourself and others and also receive love from yourself and others. *I give Love, I receive Love, I am Love.

Labradorite- *Reflects unwanted energies from the aura. *Calms overactive minds and energises imagination.  *Labradorite is said to enhance communication with others energetically. A stone used by Mediums for protection. Highly mystical, Labradorite heightens intuition and enhances psychic abilities, making it great for working with the Third Eye Chakra. Intuition and intellect are balanced by Labradorite, illusions are dispelled and true intentions are seen more easily with its use. Labradorite is also very protective against negative energies, balancing, strengthening and protecting the aura and sealing the aura from energy leaks. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change. Labradorite enhances strength of will and feelings of inner worth. It is useful for bringing up and healing old memories, including past life issues. Labradorite can also help prepare the body and soul for ascension. Labradorite can aid in communicating with our highest self and with the creator. It helps to assists when facing and navigating all types of changes and challenges, attracting strength and perseverance. Labradorite is one of the best stones to use when dealing with any type of addiction or to break unhealthy (physical, mental, etc.) habits.

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