Peace with the Past.

Peace with the Past.

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Amethyst Elestial Wand with Rutilated Quartz. Connecting you to those who have passed over. Be at peace with your past. 


Amethyst- *The peace stone. *It helps to connect you to your higher self and truth with protection and purity. *Helps you to strengthen your purpose, hope, freedom and leads you to peace and balance. *Opens your mind to teachings through spirit with your permission. Assists in remembering dreams, and connecting to higher frequencies. Very protective! Directs you towards resolve, stability and independence.

Rutilated quartz- A bridge that can help bring us closer to those who have passed over or are in your past. By doing this it can help to energetically resolve and release any unspoken or unfinished business. It is an excellent crystal to have when you want to contact your guardian angels or communicate with others in the spirit or angelic realms. It is also used to enhance telepathy and clairvoyance. In healing practices, Rutilated Quartz may benefit those suffering from chronic bronchitis or asthma. It strengthens our auras and cleanses our systems.

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