Passion and Understanding

Passion and Understanding

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Get passionate. Passionate about you, your life, what's in your life... if you don't have a Passion bring one in, feel supported and inspired. Understand and protect your space, make your place sacred. 


Pink Agate, with Amethyst drops and Amethyst and Aquamarine detail. 


Agate – The strength stone.  Power and strength for the body and mind, very protective.  Balances yin yang. Pink invokes self love, love of all and self healing. This colour correlates with the heart chakra, reminding us to receive and give love equally. 

Amethyst- *The peace stone. *It helps to connect you to your higher self and truth with protection and purity. *Helps you to strengthen your purpose, hope, freedom and leads you to peace and balance. *Opens your mind to teachings through spirit with your permission. Assists in remembering dreams, and connecting to higher frequencies. Very protective! Directs you towards resolve, stability and independence.

Aquamarine- Enhancing clear communication, Aquamarine can soothe and calm heightened emotions and situations. It can aid in clearing stagnate energies and assists in releasing old patterns and negative core beliefs and limiting attitudes. Invoking a calming and powerful feminine energy. Helps us to speak our truth from the heart with gentleness and patience.


Set in a combination of silver and copper solder. Care has been taken for a smooth setting however if you find a point, simply file gently with a metal nail file. Keep out of direct sunlight as the crystals can fade over time.