Love to all Humanity.

Love to all Humanity.

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Hold the power of collective love and send it onwards. Be the distributor of Divine Love. 


Amethyst Cacoxenite - came to the notice of humanity as an ascension stone to use for healing and spiritual growth. These powerful stones link all of humanity. They epitomize the vibration of kinship of all people on the earth at this time. They are potent stones for earth healing, and this is one of the reasons that they have come to our notice at this time. These lavender purple quartz crystals have various inclusions that make them powerful stones for spiritual awakening. This variety of quartz can raise your vibration as it has a strong resonance within the higher chakras.

Rose Quartz- *The divine Crystal of love. *It’s soft energy surrounds and enters your body and helps you to see the world as whole and as love. *Representing Love, Friendship, Compassion and relaxation, its energy is soft and gentle. *Helps you to give love to yourself and others and also receive love from yourself and others. *I give Love, I receive Love, I am Love.

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