Lift Your Spirits.

Lift Your Spirits.


High Quality Lapis Lazuli and Lithium Quartz - measures 7cm x 4cm
You can be your best teacher. Learn to listen to your mind body and spirit. Lift the negative emotions and allow them to drift away.


Lapis Lazuli- Stone for teachers.  Enhances awareness and intellect enhances psychic abilities. Helps overcome depression and aids creativeness and protects. Brings harmony and deep knowledge. Ancient wisdom helps you to trust your intuition and allows you to think beyond the boundaries and gain wisdom from long ago, you will be protected in this exercise. Helps with the inner vision of self and aids with truthful communication, it was a stone widely and extravagantly used by royalty!


Lithium Quartz is a gentle but very powerful crystal, It can help you relax without robbing you of the strength you need to function properly. It can give you the right kind of balance when you’re feeling sick or stressed out but still need to perform at your best. This crystal can help eliminate your anxieties, worries, and stress. It will dispel your fears, and it can help with depression.  Lithium Quartz brings emotional peace, stress release, and relaxation.  Lithium Quartz balances the brain and the emotions.  Calming and soothing, Lithium Quartz uplifts the mental and emotional bodies, and gently moves repressed anger and grief to the surface so it can be healed.  Lithium Quartz Crystal can also heal emotional issues from past lives.


Set in a combination of tin and copper solder. Care has been taken for a smooth setting however if you find a point, simply file gently with a metal nail file.

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