Lepidolite, Moss Agate and Rose Quartz

Lepidolite, Moss Agate and Rose Quartz


Relieve anxiety and bring in loving ideas for Self. 


Lepidolite – Helps to clear a path through an active period of changes, supports independence and helps you to keep your place in a crowd. Brings mental peace and rest, great for people with depression and anxiety. Lepidolite is praised far and wide for its miraculous mood-stabilising properties. This crystal contains a high percentage of lithium, which is often used in anti-anxiety treatments. The Lepidolite crystal is commonly referred to as “the stone of transition” and there is a good reason for this. Spiritual healers and crystal gurus believe that it assists in the releasing of stagnant negative energies and behaviours that are no longer serving you while encouraging the ushering in of change-inducing practices. In essence, it breaks harmful psychological patterns and forms new and uplifting ones. This allows for a deep reset that in turn, encourages emotional healing and stability while also alleviating your anxieties and depression.


Moss Agate - A great stone for stability, grounding and persistence. Has a strong psychic connection to the nature spirits and elementals. It can be employed to bring in ideas and concepts into being due to its grounding influence. It can be a great help to those who have become addicted to emotional drama in their lives by transmuting the unwholesomeness tendencies in oneself and help to find the will to replace these patterns with the Divine blueprint of ones higher self. Creating new beginnings with strength as support.


Rose Quartz- *The divine Crystal of love. *It’s soft energy surrounds and enters your body and helps you to see the world as whole and as love. *Representing Love, Friendship, Compassion and relaxation, its energy is soft and gentle. *Helps you to give love to yourself and others and also receive love from yourself and others.