Gold Threads of Light

Gold Threads of Light


The golden thread that connects us all. Get to know it, this can improve your understanding of people. that we are all connected so gain from the lessons that people bring you, the good the bad and the ugly. we all have a purpose in each others lives.

Rutilated quartz- A bridge that can help bring us closer to those who have passed over or are in your past. By doing this it can help to energetically resolve and release any unspoken or unfinished business. It is an excellent crystal to have when you want to contact your guardian angels or communicate with others in the spirit or angelic realms. It is also used to enhance telepathy and clairvoyance. In healing practices, Rutilated Quartz may benefit those suffering from chronic bronchitis or asthma. It strengthens our auras and cleanses our systems.
Gold – Healing uses for Gold based on the beliefs of the New Age includes the treatment of blood, skin, neurological and heart disorders. They believe Gold to be an energy generator and remover of blockages with the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy.

Set in a combination of silver and copper solder. Care has been taken for a smooth setting however if you find a point, simply file gently with a metal nail file.

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