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Fairy Stone and Moonstone

Fairy Stone and Moonstone


Connect to the Mother of the Fae. Caring and nurturing to yourself and others. 

Fairy stones - This mineral is here to rejuvenate one’s energies, as well as to serve as a reminder of the importance of daily self care. They have been used as good luck and protection talismans for centuries amongst numerous diverse groups of people. When it came to protection, it was believed that Fairy Stones helped grant one safety from evil gods and deities. This unique mineral helps one strengthen their connection to Mother Earth and open your root chakra. Furthermore it aids in grounding all of your energy to the physical level. Immediately upon touch, one will feel a sense of physical relief, with clarity of the mind soon to follow. Fairy Stone’s energies are perfect to aid one in fully decompressing from any stressful event or simply a normal work day.

Sodalite- Stone of intelligence. Rationalizes and aids in clear thinking, bringing clarity and truth. Enhances communication and creative expression. Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. Enhances self-esteem, self-trust and self-acceptance.

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