Black Amethyst and Charoite

Black Amethyst and Charoite


Connection and Protection. Stay protected while you connect psychically. Stay grounded and love the process. 


Black Amethyst and Charoite. 6.5cm long x 3cm wide.


Black Amethyst contains hematite within its crystalline matrix. It is known to assist in connecting with the divine, boost spirituality, enhance intuition and clairvoyant psychic abilities while providing auric protection against psychic attack. Provides protection during astral travel as well. A great crystal for healers, protection, intuition, grounding and replenishing.

Charoite- Gorgeous Charoite connects with the third eye chakra and helps you to rediscover your path on earth. This stone can help release negativity and protect against psychic attacks. A great stone to help you discover and correct your own imbalances thus bringing to the surface your truth which guides you to your purpose.


Set in a combination of silver and copper solder. Care has been taken for a smooth setting however if you find a point, simply file gently with a metal nail file.