Clear Space

Clear Space


Clear away negative energies, entities & emotions from your space. Clearing & removing stagnant, heavy energies so you can feel at peace & safe in your environment. This harmonises the energy of the space around you, to the energy of you. It can be used in cars, offices, healing spaces, on crystals - a beautiful alternative to smudging with smoke. 

  • Ingredients

    50ml amber glass bottles

    Purified full moon water, sage, clove,  chamomile,  geranium,  peppermint,  frankincense,  rose water, plant derived solubiliser, natural preservitive (radish root ferment filtrate), reiki and seichim energy – crystals clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst.

    (not recommended with epilepsy, pregnant or high blood pressure)

  • Usage

    Spray around the head and body area, allowing the mist to caress your skin. Avoid the eyes.

    Use as often as required.