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Hello Divine Community!

I am Emily from All Things Divine. I work as a Natural Energies Practitioner offering holistic products and services to help you reconnect and realign with your true Self.

So, I have been pushed by spirit to start a blog!! This is very new to me, but hey.... this year is all about change and pushing myself out of my boundaries... so here we are!

I wanted to share with you a tweaked version of a simple model that can help you overcome overwhelm and bring your body, mind, and spirit back into alignment.

With so much going on in the world and the uncertainty it can bring, we can often allow our minds to chatter and think about ‘stories’ that could unfold in certain situations.

It is one thing to be prepared and another for it to override your life and make assumptions with these thoughts, which may stop you from obtaining crucial information and living your life.

Give yourself permission to step away from the constant information we are bombarded with every day. The energies people are unconsciously holding and ‘giving off’ can in turn be picked up by us. Good, bad or indifferent… we are all susceptible to picking it up as we are energetic beings to and also ‘giving off’ our own energy! So what energy are you holding in your body and giving out?

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, quick tempered and even over tired, STOP. Take a moment to gather your own intel.



Check in with your TO DO list. Do they ALL have to be done TODAY? Re-evaluate and prioritise your chores. Check in as to where or what you give your energy too. Be mindful of who you are surrounded by. Are they supporting you and lifting you up or are you feeling drained and exhausted after spending time with them? ‘You time’ doesn’t have to be money spent, it can be sitting while enjoying your tea rather than drinking it on the go, it can be putting on some music, it can be having a bath, saying NO or saying YES! It is ok to cancel plans, more of us are understanding that it is something some of us need to do to fill our cups.


Give yourself a day (or more!) where you don’t fill yourself with other people’s opinions, actions and reactions. This is energy too! Take a day where you control what you are feeding your mind, body and soul. It does wonders for our nervous system and so much more. Take time to tune into your body, feel into it. Feel where it is tight, heavy, tense, sore. Are there any sensations? Tingling? Aches? You can use your chakras as a guide or do a Yoga Nidra meditation. Louise Hay has a great book called Heal Your Body which you can use as a guide as to what your body is trying to tell you.


This is a critical time for you to put blame, shame, guilt, negative judgement and comparison aside. Instead, offer yourself compassion, space and take this opportunity to gain wisdom. Often when we have taken too much on and are feeling overwhelmed and stressed the first signs are that we react without thinking, without a clear head and it can come across as harsh and hurtful. We can respond with defence, taking things personally and may feel attacked. If you find yourself reacting and responding like this, know that it is your way of dealing with overload and stress. Be responsible for your actions, apologise to those who may have received this version of you. Allow some time to reflect as an observer. You may ask yourself if you are hungry, tired or simply given yourself too much to do. Ask for help if this will help you.


Once you have owned your reactions and acknowledged the cause, take the time to close your eyes and breathe deeply into your belly. This is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere, in a queue, in the car, at home, in the bathroom….

With your shoulders back and your spine straight, breath in for 3 counts and out for 4 counts. Repeat 3 times or for as long as you wish. This brings your mind and energy back to you. Calms your nervous system, allows oxygen to be carried around your body, stimulates the lymphatic system, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety plus so much more!! You can take it further and incorporate your senses, what do you hear, feel, taste, smell and see, right now, in this moment. This practice brings you to the NOW.

Even if you don’t practice each step, simply be aware of how you are interacting with the world, remembering that when you are feeling cranky, snappy, overwhelmed and reactive….. simply STOP.

Keep checking in with the Self and see, sense, feel or know where you may be feeling depleted.

Take care of yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Sending you love and hugs, until next time,


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