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Our range of products, All Things Divine, can be purchased to allow you to continue your nurturing self-care in the space of your own home. All of our products include high-grade Essential Oils. Australian Companies that are mindful of ethical sources and education and provide organic options where possible. 

Each recipe and blend has been formulated for its specific intention and works gently on your subtle energies, which compliments beautifully with the energy work Emily does one on one with her clients, both in-person and via distance healings, in her trainings and her workshops

Our range of Vibrational Energetic Mists, which are handcrafted to order, are a blend of purified water, charged by the full moon, high-grade essential oils (organic where possible), Reiki and Seichim energy, crystal and intention infused. 


Made with the intent to nurture and love your MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and SOUL.


Used to re-align and re-balance your subtle energies helping to smooth and bring flow to your aura and subtle energies, which connects to your physical body. This gorgeous range of mists are handcrafted and can be used as an auric mist or room mist. 


Made with high-grade essential oils sourced from Australian Companies and organic whenever possible. These have been formulated with scents to invoke and stimulate your subtle energies. To encourage the soft flow of your aura, to which you can then release things that no longer serve you and to allow things into your personal universe that will help you in your world. 

Each bottle is blended with love, high-quality Essential Oils sourced from local Australian Companies, crystal chips, purpose and intention, infused with divine Reiki Energy - the healing energy of Dr Usui - and Seichim energy - the healing energy of Quan Yin, the Goddess of love and compassion - and harmonising it all with the healing vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls.

These Vibrational Mists are made to order, so if you have a query as to whether an oil included in a blend is right for you, please contact me and I can personalise the blend for you and your highest good. 

(Like any new product you use, please discontinue use if irritation occurs.)


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Disclaimer: Products purchased from All Things Divine are not intended for therapeutic use, to diagnose, treat or cure. 

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