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We are not just a Physical Body. This is a course for you to meet your Energetic Body.

Whether you are a holistic practitioner or simply curious, this is an easy to follow workshop for both the beginner and the seasoned healer.


Through this course, you will understand how you can improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body by understanding this aspect of yourself. A beautiful way to support yourself and others on our journeys to evolve. 

Over the term we unpack each energy centre - or chakra - and how you can clear cleanse and balance them causing a domino effect to rebalance the Whole you. With a take-home manual for you to reference back on, plus the hands-on learning, you will walk away with a better understanding and connection to yourself and those around you.

Meditations, sounds, mudras, diagrams, theory and exercises, learn even more about yourself and how to self regulate. 

Held in person in Mornington.

This goes hand in hand and is a great further insight for those who have done Reiki & Seichim certifications. 

Investment for the 8 weeks - $350.00

*Please note - I am unable to refund gift certificates or workshop payments, however, you can use the value for store credit. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

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